How I Got Here and Put Down Your Phone And Talk To Me


My life experience was devastating. That coupled with my mother’s death and having to sell my house was indeed a test to my sanity. So much so, I lost all interest in listening to music. Being the social creature that I am, I needed to listen to something, so I turned to WNYC, NPR. Penetrating psyche, political, steeped in metaphor, comic-like style allows the viewer to digest and interpret complex issues we must endure as a society.


The work centers on political/social commentary that involves such issues as gender obliteration, extinction, the effect that globalization/gentrification have on our society. Considering our present political climate, these topics may very well be in jeopardy. My Very Existence, My Life in the World, Seemed Like a Hallucination, is a quote by Haruki Murakami. I find that it mirrors our present socio-political climate and the end of American democracy, as we know it. 


My materials include water based mixed media: I start by spilling coffee onto my surface, (this lays down the foundation and design of the work), gouache, water color, acrylic, graphite, ball point, India ink, color pencils, on paper. The work is colorful, sizes range but mostly 22”X30” 40”X26” format, and somewhat resembles a graphic novel/comic book type format. My layering process includes writing that I incorporate and use as mark making. It also helps to carry the narrative.